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Abbey Asset Management

“Abbey Asset Management” is a financial institution founded in 2009 to provide portfolio management services. For 11 years, “Abbey Asset Management” has managed investor savings in both, Georgian and international markets with its foundation called the “Friends and Family Fund”.

A group of international investors who believe in the future of Georgia and the potential of Georgian Capital Market, acquired “Abbey Asset Management” in 2020 and primarily to gain more value for the Georgian Stock Exchange and the Georgian economy, with their experience and knowledge on international markets.

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“Abbey Asset Management”, with a professional team with international experience in IPOs and capital markets, and with the permission of companies that believe in the future of Georgia, will help strengthen the capital market, at the same time will help investors use their savings and this will allow institutions to get their financial needs on the most favorable terms.

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    Necessary infrastructure for managing public offering processes is ready!
    Abbey is ready to help you manage your savings on capital markets with an experienced team. Are you ready?!
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